"The journey to wellness is just as significant as wellness itself.  I strive to help clients reach wellness through emotional healing, positive encouragement, and advocacy.” 

​​Family Healing and WellnessCenter


​​​​Jerolynn Bell-Scaggs, MA, LPC, ADC, PSIT, CSIT, CCTP, CTMH


​Family Healing and Wellness Center
3970 N. Oakland Ave, Suite 402
Shorewood, WI 53211

Mrs. Bell-Scaggs  is an accomplished Psychotherapist and the Owner/Founder of Family Healing and Wellness Center in Shorewood, Wisconsin.  Mrs. Bell-Scaggs has over 10 years experience in treating child traumatic stress.  Mrs. Bell-Scaggs specializes in child trauma therapy serving a diverse spectrum of clients.  She also specializes in counseling for Substance Abuse clients and supervisory services for provisionally licensed clinicians. 

Mrs. Bell-Scaggs is an interactive, dynamic, solution-focused therapist, and her compassionate therapeutic approach is to provide attentiveness and support to help young clients and families to understand and cope with life changes.

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